Josephine Welcomes You

Hi, and welcome to my web site, "Sixty and Sexy . net"!

My name is Josephine, and even though I've gotten up in years, I've decided to take the plunge and publish some erotic pictures of myself. I hope in this way to provide some pleasure for men (and women?) who like to look at pictures of sexy older women.

A few facts about myself: I'm originally from Poland but have lived in Scandinavia for many years. I'm actually a very shy person, so this is really a daring experiment on my part. I'm very curious to see how my efforts are received - here's hoping there are at least some men who appreciate my womanly forms. :-)


Warning and Disclaimer

This web site contains erotic semi-nude pictures. You must not enter this site if you are under the legal age for viewing such pictures.

I'm a mature woman in my sixties. If you think that it is inappropriate for older women to display themselves in erotic pictures, then please do not enter my web site.


Old Enough

Here's a photo-story that corresponds to my second video, "Old Enough", which has been posted at Vimeo. This is for those of you who prefer pictures rather than videos, or if you like both possibilities.

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All the Bras I Forgot

Two months ago I made my first ever video. And it was so embarrassing - I had forgotten to put my bra on! So to make up for that terrible mistake I'm posting this little photo-story, just to prove that I do indeed have a bra.

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The Entertainer

I'm back!

And I'm blonde!

And I'm in a video!

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Corset Striptease - part 2b (and goodbye)

Here's the last episode in the "Corset Striptease" photo series, where I make good on my promise from last week to take off the pantyhose (again) and the necklace. Unfortunately, I also have some bad news: This will probably be the last Josephine photo shoot to be posted here at SixtyAndSexy.net.

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