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Corset Striptease - part 1a

Ladies(?) and gentlemen, I would like to present for your viewing pleasure a four-part photo series called "Corset Striptease". And unlike most striptease performances, this one does not progress uniformly from more clothed to less clothed. This is because half way through the series I suddenly have most of my clothes on again, and the stripping begins anew.

Yes, this is rather confusing, so I'll try to explain again. The four parts of this story are called "part 1a", "part 1b", "part 2a" and "part 2b". "Part 1a" and "part 1b" were shot back around the start of February, and my photographer friend and I figured that was that - a job well done, and so on. But then we became dissatisfied (you'll see why later), and decided to extend the series. New pictures were taken at the start of March, and they have become "part 2a" and "part 2b" of the story.

So the first two parts and the last two parts of this story are actually somewhat independent of each other, except that in many of the pictures I'm wearing a sexy black corset, and I do remove various items of clothing, some of them more than once. :-)

By the way, this photo series was inspired by a fan who requested that I post pictures of myself wearing a black corset. Here's hoping the pictures live up to his expectations. I thought it was lots of fun - I've never worn a corset before, and it was an interesting experience.

As in all good striptease sequences the performer starts out being fully clothed.

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